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Neurobiology of Lipids sessions
33rd Society for Neuroscience annual meeting 2003, New Orleans, November 8-12, 2003

To review Neuroscience 2003 neurobiology of lipids sessions please see Neurobiol. Lipids Vol.2, 3 (2003).

Neuroscience 2003 seems to be the first SFN Annual Meeting scientific program that has sessions with word 'lipid' in sessions' title.
Two recent Society meetings, 32nd Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla, and 31st Meeting in San Diego, CA, had 200+ and about 40 presentations on the subject of the Neurobiology of Lipids scope, respectively.

Further info: Neuroscience 2003 Web site.

The multifarious interactions of cholesterol, lipids, amyloid beta and TAU in the etiology of neurodegeneration
3rd International Congress on Vascular Dementia, Prague, Czech Republic, October 23-26, 2003
[Session program and abstracts] [Related abstracts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

Further info: Congress Web site.

Live online discussion:
Cholesterol and Alzheimer's-Charging Fast but Still at a Distance From Solid Answers
Alzforum.org, November 19, 2002 at 12 noon EST.
[AlzForum Live Discussion transcript]

Further info: The discussion home page at AlzForum.org web site.
Organizer:  Tobias Hartmann (e.mail: tobiashartmann@neurobiologyoflipids.org)

Email your post discussion comments to: June Kinoshita, AlzForum Executive editor ( junekino@alzforum.org )

The Society for Neuroscience, 32nd Annual Meeting, Orlando, Fla, November 2-7, 2002

Please see the list of the 200+ Neurobiology of Lipids sessions of the 32nd SFN meeting, compiled by us for your convenience (Neurobiology of Lipids, 30 August 2002, Vol.1, 5). This list is a result of the search performed by Neurobiology of Lipids at the 32nd SFN Annual Meeting search system at the ScholarOne web site.

The 32nd meeting was the Society's very first meeting in Orlando, one of the world's most popular destinations for leisure and business travelers. Previous 31st Annual Meeting in San Diego was a record-breaker, with over 28,500 attendees from around the globe. 31st Annual Meeting featured over 15,000 submissions and had about forty presentations on the subject of the Neurobiology of Lipids.

Perform the search through the abstracts of the 31st Annual Meeting (San Diego, CA, November 10 - 15, 2001) and 30th Annual Meeting (New Orleans, LA, November 4 - 9, 2000).

Lipids and Biomembranes: New Technologies
Davos, [Switzerland], October 2 - 5, 2002

This symposium highlighted the substantial progress that has been made recently in both the improvement of existing as well as the development of new techniques used to study structure and function of lipids and biomembranes. In addition new findings and insights into practical applications of lipid and membrane technology, such as drug delivery and gene therapy, were presented.

Contact: J.A.F. Op den Kamp, Centre for Biomembranes and Lipid Enzymology, P.O. Box 80.054, Utrecht University, 3508 TB Utrecht, The Netherlands. (e.mail: j.a.f.opdenkamp@chem.uu.nl)

Biocenter Symposium on Drug Therapy:
Cholesterol and Alzheimer's disease

Please see all abstracts of this symposium published as the Neurobiology of Lipids article (30 August 2002, Vol.1, 4)

Proceedings articles for selected lectures of this symposium are available at Pharmacopsychiatry (October 2003, Vol.36, Suppl.2)

Frankfurt, Germany, July 26, 2002
Contact: Meeting web site at the Instutute of Pharmacology, Biocenter.

43rd International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids

Graz, Austria, September 11-14, 2002
Contact:  Professor Guenther Daum (e.mail: guenther.daum@tugraz.at)

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